Pi Day Exploding Pie

Introduction: Pi Day Exploding Pie

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In this Instructable, we are building an exploding pie, perfect for turning Pi Day into an experience you and your friends will never forget. In case you are concerned, there are no combustible materials used in this project, and it is best suited for outdoor use only, unless you don't mind scrubbing bits of pie off your ceiling.

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Step 1: Gather Necessary Materials

To build an exploding pie as demonstrated in the video, you will need the following:

Pie - For best results, use a soft light pie such as cream or meringue, preferably a tall pie with a small footprint. This will ensure that as much of the contents as possible are dispersed rather than just the center.

Serving Plate - You will need a serving plate or platter with a hole in the center.

CO2 Cartridge - This will be used to direct a blast of CO2 through the pie to cause the 'explosion'.

Mechanism for Activating the CO2 - There are a number of ways to break the cap on the CO2 cartridge, the trigger mechanism from a self inflating life vest works best, especially in you can find one with a flat form, alternatively a CO2 bike pump car work as well.

Duct Tape - For attaching the CO2 trigger mechanism to the serving plate.

Step 2: Prepare the Serving Platter

1. First, cut or drill a hole through the center of the plate or serving platter.

2. Next take attach your trigger mechanism to the bottom of the plate using duct tape so that the when the CO2 is released, it is directed through the hole.

3. Place your pie on top of the plate ad if you plan to put the dessert on display, be sure to place inside a box or tube to conceal the CO2 mechanism.

Step 3: Detonate the Pie!

Here comes the fun part, but this step also requires the most concentration to get the best results. You may want to fix the serving plate to a table, or alternatively hold the pie firmly in one hand. When the timing is just right, pull the trigger cord and watch the pie become airborne and break apart.

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