Pi Keyring From a Can

Introduction: Pi Keyring From a Can

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Pi is everyone's favourite mathematical term, so how about making a stylish pi keyring. This is very easy to do and takes very little time. It is created from a can so the cost is almost nothing. despite its ease the keyring looks very awesome.

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Step 1: Equipment

You will need
-a can
-some scissors
-electrical tape
-a craft knife
-a hole punch
-sand paper

Step 2: Cutting the Can

Start by cutting the can in half then down towards the base. Then cut out the base so that it is a cricle shape. It is important to get this as spherical as posable because this represents pi. This can be tough so make sure you use strong scissors. Also be careful when cutting the can because the metal can be sharp.

Step 3: Making Pi

After that I stuck a piece of black electrical tape onto the can. Then I carefully cut out the symbol of pi looking at an image for a reference. Make sure to be careful and take your time when cutting with the craft knife, as this is delicate work.
Then sand the edges so that there are definitely no sharp edges.(Idea for additional step) After this the can could then be spray painted and the tape removed to leave the symbol but I was happy with just taped symbol.

Step 4: Keyring Hole

After that all you have to do is punch a hole in the can for the keyring. Hole punching through metal can be tough so make sure you use a strong hole punch.

Step 5: Finished!

Done! Now you are done. You can put this on your keys, show your friends , or use it as a decoration. Now everyone can see your love of mathematics and circles.

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