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Introduction: Pi Necklace!

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Hi everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make this pi necklace in honor of pi day! It would be a great present for a math teacher, a geeky friend, or yourself! :)
Have fun!

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Step 1: Materials

For this project I used:

1. Tools
Pair needle nose pliers
Pair scissors *or wire cutters
Pair chain nose pliers (mine are just normal hardware store pliers I found in the toolbox) *crimping pliers would be even better but not necessary

2. Wire
24 gauge silver wire
30 gauge copper wire for wrapping
Beading wire (beadalon, see image for details)

3. Beads and stuff
2 crimp beads (one for each end)
One lobster clasp
Jump rings optional
A mini (or not) clothespin * very very helpful!
Round beads *spheres because pi! ( I used these 3 round beads in a sequence with the seed beads)
Seed beads

Step 2: Make the Pi Charm!

1. First make the frame for the pi charm with one piece of the 24 gauge silver wire. (See the picture) It helps to do it in one piece by not cutting the wire off until you are done. Then you also have more wire to work with, which is helpful, especially if you mess up.

2. Make a loop for the pendant and cut the wire.

3. Stick the end of the copper wire into one of the loops you have in the frame you just made. The loops are there because of the doubling up of the wire, which happens because you use only one piece. If you can't do this, just start wrapping the copper wire around the frame and hold it with your fingers until it is secure.

4. Wrap the copper wire around the frame, increasing the number of wraps at points you want to be thicker, and doing only one at thinner parts.

5. Cut wire when done and wrap the end around.

Step 3: Begin the Necklace!

1. Measure the amount of beading cord you want using where you would like it to fall on your chest. Do this by putting the cord around your neck and making an estimation.

2. Cut the cord slightly longer than you want it to be and place the pendant on it.

3. Place the clothespin on one side of the wire to keep beads from coming off accidentally

4. Begin beading the first side

5. Switch to the other side and make it the same, and add some beads.

6. Keep switching sides because you want both sides to be the same and even. Continue until you are done beading.

Step 4: Finish the Necklace

1. Add crimp beads to each side and pull the end of the wire through the crimp beads and seed beads until the loop is your desired length. You can use your needle nose pliers to help push the wire through.

2. Crimp the crimp beads with your crimping pliers or chain nose pliers.

3. On one side add a lobster clasp before crimping.

4. Test the length on your neck and add a jump ring or more if you want.

5. Wear or gift to a math geek or teacher! Mix it with other geeky jewelry! Wear it with different clothing! Wooho!!!

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    Lori Simpson
    Lori Simpson

    3 years ago

    Great tutorial! I'm adding this to my projects list, TFS!

    Fuzzy Monkey
    Fuzzy Monkey

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks so much! :)


    3 years ago

    I love it! And btw - my best science students are girls!

    Fuzzy Monkey
    Fuzzy Monkey

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks so much for your support! I love science! :)