Pi on a Stick!

Introduction: Pi on a Stick!

This is a quick project for the Raspberry Pi. It is a quick guide on how to mount a Raspberry pi on a piece of wood.

Step 1: Materials for the Project

What you need
Raspberry Pi
Just a little bit of common sense!!! ;)

Step 2: Measure the Holes on the Pi

So measure the holes on the Pi and drill the holes!

Step 3: Then You Put the Screws on the Pi and Knuts on the Screws!

So put the screws on the Pi and the knuts on the screws.

Step 4: Screw the Screws Down Into the Wood

Just screw down the Pi and BE CAREFUL NOT TO SCREW DOWN TO HARD!!!!! It will snap!!!

Step 5: Optional- Adding a Bread Board!

Simply place the board on the wood and screw down around the outside of the board!



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    Thanks! Have a good Halloween!!!

    I can't believe how many times I have needed to do something like this, whether building a robot or a fake bomb!