Piano Clavinova - Keyboard Sustain Pedal Repair

The sustain pedal of my Clavinova CLP 120 doesn't work anymore... after "only" 13 years!

Let's have a look and repair it


Philips screwdriver

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Step 1: Tilt Your Piano

Tilt your piano and remove the dust!!

Then use your screw driver to remove the 8 screws (4 are only reachable through holes in the plate)

Step 2: Inside the Pedal Box: Fixing the Switch

remove 2 little black screws to withdraw the pedal itself

the switch is a "Rubber Contact Membrane" or "Carbon Tactile Keys" or "rubber-coated switch"
FYI a comprehensive study here : http://www.comdes.nl/PDF/GTC/Keypad-Design-Guide.p...

solution 1/ I swapped the grey switch from the middle pedal to the sustain pedal: It didn't solve my problem... but maybe yours?

solution 2/ I simply added a corrugated board between the pedal and the switch! It works again!

solution 3/ you could try to re-paste the conductive circuit with a silver conductive glue

Beware that cheap conductive glue has low amount of silver (if any) and won't really work

Step 3: Humor

We cannot accept that our piano pedal may malfunctionning... imagine the danger, if you have a piano-car

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