Piano Pedal Footwarmer

Introduction: Piano Pedal Footwarmer

The Piano Pedal Footwarmer is a tool that can be used to keep the pedals situated at the bottom of any piano warm. This allows the pianist to feel comfortable while playing the piano and prevents any chance of injury. The Piano Pedal Footwarmer also absorbs sweat from the foot of the pianist and stops any growth of bacteria and helps hygiene. In addition, the Piano Pedal Footwarmer is an invention that can be made from everyday items and discarded objects, such as old socks or old clothes.

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Step 1: Materials Required

Since the Piano Pedal Footwarmer is easy to create and does not require complicated materials, the materials I chose to use are discarded pieces of equipment left around the house.

Required Materials

1 Tubular Piece of Cloth (Can either be sewn together from old clothing. I decided to use an old pair of socks)

1 Hand Warmer

Basic Sewing Kit

1 Rubberband

Anything else used to design the External Covering!

Step 2: Making the Exterior

*Pre-step: If using normal pieces of cloth, then first cut 1 piece of cloth shaped like a rectangle approximately 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. Roll cloth in the shape of a cylinder and stitch opposing sides together. An open ended cylinder should now form. Stitch together ONE side of the cylinder until a sock-like shape has emerged.

1) Take the OPEN end of the tube and roll the open end in upon itself 4 times. The 4 folds should add up to the cut seen in the picture. Now, there should be a considerably thicker segment near the open end of the sock. This will serve as the opening for the pedal to enter.

2) Make sure there is a small gap between the folds of the sock in order to facilitate Step 2.

Step 3: Creating the Interior

In order to complete this step, make sure there is sufficient room between the bottom-most folded flap of the sock and the sock exterior.

Insert the rubber band between the bottom-most folded flap and the sock exterior. This will serve as an extra support for making sure the sock stays on the piano pedal.

Test the elasticity of the hole; if it feels loose, then try a smaller rubber band. However, make sure that the hole is not too tight/small as it may not fit around the base of the piano pedal.

Step 4: Connecting the Exterior to the Interior

Now, sew together the sides of the flap to the exterior of the sock. Try to make the stitches as small as possible to ensure quality looks and remove any chances of ripping.

Once your final project looks like the picture above, you're done! Now, slide the handwarmer inside the sock and press it against the roof. Then, just slip the Piano Pedal Footwarmer over the base of the piano pedal, and you're good to go!

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