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Introduction: Piano Training USB Keyboard

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I have designed something that I think would be a great tool for teaching piano students and developing skills, but haven't got ANY skills as a computer programmer and could not create a program to make it work. I want to use an M-Audio Keystudio 49 as the input device.
If any of you are programmers who have this USB keyboard, I would LOVE your help. If you successfully create a program, I will gladly pay for a Pro Membership for said user.

What I want to do, is create a plugin for use with Open Office, that allows you to use a USB piano keyboard for typing. I have designed the key layout, and all is ready. For now, if you could just get the Fn, Shift and Space bar to be the three keys to the right of the keyboard layout, that would be GREAT. I am really interested in what this would turn out as, and would love it if this idea came to life.

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