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Introduction: Piatas for Rats

About: I'm 22 years old, and i'm a breeder to rodents, but not just that i also have cows,ducks,cats,dogs,chinchillas,rats,mices, birds,donkeys,geese,horses,chickens,goats,rabbits,hamsters, and more!

Want a great game for you, and your little rat well here is a great one it is the rat Piatas. Well first get some of your rats favorite foods i will use frozen peas, frozen corn, and a banana for mine.
Reminder- Check your computer on what a rat can and can't eat since a rat can not vomit they will get very ill.

Step 1: First

Get some paper towels and or napkins get three layers, and lay them on top of each other.
You can add more layers each time you do this game with your little rat. Make it harder for them.

Step 2: Second

Make sure any furits you might have are cut up into tiny pieces. Small enough for your little guy to grab. Also make sure the furit is nice, and fresh.

Step 3: Third

After cutting, and finding put the tiny pieces of food onto the three layered paper towel.

Step 4: Fourth

Grab the four ends of the paper towel and bunch them up as shown hold them there.

Step 5: Fifth

Get a small plastic rubber band, and tightly put it around the scrunched up corners of the paper towel not losing any yummy treats inside.

Step 6: Sixth

Tie a small piece of thred around the paper towels. Make sure it is very tight, and won't slip off.

Step 7: Seventh

Make sure you have a nice knot around shake it a couple of times to check it.

Step 8: Let Them Enjoy

Now hang on the roof of your rats cage. And let them to tear the paper towel apart to find the yummy treats hidden inside for them. This will keep them intertand for a long time.



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    You probably want to supervise them to make sure they don't eat the rubber band! Also, is there a reason your photos get blurrier and blurrier towards the end? Your instructable could do with a bit of checking in terms of spelling (eg Piñata not piata, thread not thred etc) and better photos, but it does get the point across pretty clearly. You might also want to take it out of the bike comp to avoid annoying people! Otherwise, I like this idea. I might do it with my ferrets, but the food I usually give them for a treat is raw meat, so it wouldn't work well in paper towels! There are some commercially made dry treats they enjoy which might work - need to order more soon!

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    yeah i watch them as they do it so they don't eat the rubber band. Raw meat really ferrets eat that i have six ferrets, and 46 rats, but i didn't know a ferret could eat raw meat

    Yes ferrets do eat raw meat - they are obligate carnivores, which means they have evolved to eat meat-based products - some people advocate feeding ONLY whole prey foods like mice, rats and chicks. Eating the whole animal certainly helps with digestion and keeping teeth clean etc. It is also supposed to make them smell less than the processed food. If you feed your ferrets that dried kibble stuff (which forms the main bulk of my fuzzies' diet - I mix several different brands together,) it should be based on meat products, and have a minimum of about 35% animal protein and around 15-20% fat - some of them contain mostly plant products or worse! Cat and dog food contains much less protein, so be wary of people who suggest using those! Anything that lists sugar in the ingredients list (or any of the names they use to disguise sugar, like dextrose, fructose, corn syrup, etc) should be avoided or fed very sparingly - sugar is very bad for ferrets, including the sugar found in fruits. They may love raisins, but the sugar in them can lead to a type of diabetes. I won't go on, but there is loads of this type of information on the net. "Ferrets for Dummies" is also a good book to read if you keep ferrets, I found it very useful! My babies especially love whole day-old chicks (fuzz, beaks, bones and all) that you can get frozen from any pet shop specialising in reptile supplies. They are also partial to a bit of chicken liver, an occasional raw egg (I crack the shell and let them figure out how to get at the yummy bit!), a little cat milk or some chopped up turkey. They get something like that most days, but not every day. If yours are not used to it, they might not recognise it as food at first and it could upset their tummies if they have too much, so you may have to persevere with small servings, and throw away whatever is left after a few hours. (I make sure they only get meat when they are in their cage, so they can't hide it behind the sofa for later on!!!)

    oh- okay you didn't need to go into detail with those chicks (i almost threw up there) well you see i'm a vegetarian-no meat for me- i just can't stand another animal eating another animal it just makes me shiver i save any little rodent i can find, but really they'd eat a rat-man- i have 149 animals none of which do i give meat to, but maybe i'll try it for my ferrets if it's healty for them.

    You have 46 rats and you feed no meat?!!! That is so bad for them!!! Seriously... A $4 liver will go a long way!! The iron and copper is extremely required!! At the very very least they need to have a serving the size of their head of either cooked liver or oyster twice a week to thrive!!

    That is not fair to your animals. I am a strict vegetarian (not vegan). Humans, may have not been designed to eat meat :), but your animals are. Please, it is cruel NOT to feed them what is best for them. Research the diets of all your animals, dont make me call peta on you :)

    Not trying to insult you on your care, but research their proper diets. Like if they eat meat, then giving them some veggies is like making you eat meat even though your veggie :). Tu compende?

      Rats eat ANYTHING. Meat is required in their diet, but so are fruits and vegetables.

    i swear to you i did, but i saw things on meat and they said they didn't need it so if they didn't need meat i was happy, but now that they do i'll buy some, and close my eyes and give it to them. With 150 animals or so you can't always do all the reseach i know all about rat though, and most other rodents, and cats, dogs, and birds.

    Sorry to disgust you there, but unlike rats which are omnivores, ferrets can't digest vegetarian food, not even the veggie forms of protein like soya. So, please do AT LEAST check the label on the dry food you are giving them and make sure that it contains enough meat-based protein and fat, otherwise all you are doing is setting them up for some rather nasty conditions that can shorten their lives! As I said, there is LOTS of information on the net - if you are interested it would be well worth your while to research it. If you have anything else you want to ask me, just send me a message. I will try not to get too graphic about meat :)

    couldn't you just tie the paper towels up with cotton string so it would be safe if they ate it instead of a rubber band...

    quit posting your instructables in the wrong section!

    I assume he tried to put "en nay" (Spelling? It's Spanish) otherwise known as the N with the squiggly (~) on top of it and the instructables server doesn't usually allow them.

    wait did you call me a he you said: i aussume he tried... i'm a girl what sad about that is my user name is ratgirl