Picasso - Painting and Dancing Robot Toy



Introduction: Picasso - Painting and Dancing Robot Toy

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What ?

Dancing robot who can paint abstractional paintings. For fun of course.

What will be needed ?

Old coffe container

Glue (best will be hot glue gun)

DC Motor from destroyed toy



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Step 1: Create the Electronics

It is the easiest step.

Connect DC motor with electrical switch and all of this to the battery. That's all :)

Not really. Now You have to make vibrator from DC motor. It can by done by asymetric gluing something heavy to the motor rotor. I've used screw for that purpose.

Step 2: The Body

Take the color papers and cover coffe can with it. Now take another color papers and cut from them eyes, ears and mouth. Glue all of that to create face of the Picasso.

One more thing - the nose. Nose is made from the electronical switch, so make a hole for the nose and put the switch in there.

Step 3: Vibrator and Markers

Important thing. Put all electronics but You have to glue the vibrator to the coffe container. Do it in such place that the rotor could easly rotate avoiding wires.

Take rubber strings and wrap them around the coffe contai... I mean the Picasso body. Now take at least 3 markers and place them like on the picture attached to this step.

Step 4: That's All

Now put the robot on the fresh, clean paper and turn it on. Watch out because Picasso will try to run away ;-)

If You are bored with painting robot, just put safety close on the markers and place the robot on the floor. Picasso will dance or even escape from You (like it is shown on my video attached to this instructable)

Thank You for reading.

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