Pick Axe and Shovel Pendants

Introduction: Pick Axe and Shovel Pendants

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So my latest adventure in jewelry involves making items from a persons profession.  These two pendants come from what a coal miner might use. The pick is made from nail and wood screw. The shovel is made from a ½” square of sheet metal, section of coat hanger, and a piece of 16 gage wire.

I started by heating a nail and hammering it towards the shape of a pick axe. I then refined the shape with a sanding disc on my drill press. After I had the shape I wanted I used a bearing punch to flatten a section in the middle of the pick. A carriage bolt and hammer was used to curve it. I drilled a hole in it and then used a Dremel to expand the hole. Next I took a wood screw and hammered it towards the shape of a handle. Again I used the sanding attachment to refine the shape.
To flare the top of the handle I clamped it in vise grips and hammered on it. Afterwards I soldered the pick to the handle. Hobby files further cut the shape in.

For the shovel I rough cut the spade portion out of 22 gage sheet metal. I then cut a section of coat hanger and hammered one end flat. On the other end I notched a saddle for the handle to sit in. I made the handle out of 22 gage wire. After soldering I used the sanding disk to finish up the shape of the spade.

Both pieces were then polished by 400, 1000, 2000, grit sand paper followed by a buffing wheel.



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    Please tell me I am not the only one who thinks of Minecraft when they saw this...
    Anyways great job as usual! I love all of your jewelry it is really inspiring!

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    true man if he would add colors to that thing and make it like diamond pickaxe I would stop surfing and do that now


    2 years ago

    If I were more well and a heck of a lot closer, (california) Id take a class taught by you in a heart beat.


    2 years ago

    ya know I look for antiques like these when combining items for bracelets and such. Yet you made these all on your own. Im speechless with glee. They are just beautiful and I hope to one day be able to do things like this. Bravo dear, bravo! :)

    I don't but this one went to a gallery in Kentucky. They may still have it www.omnigallery.net › omni
    OMNI Gallery Inc. 102 Whitesburg Plaza Whitesburg, Kentucky 41858 606-633- 8757. Web Site: www.omnigallery.net

    very well done..looks cute ..these miniatures

    I saw this instructable and just had to make the shovel for my uncle that gold prospects as a hobby. I made mine out of scrap copper wire and it's a little rough, but for a first try, it's not bad.

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    anybody know a way to make this with a blue head? (im thinking diamond pick from minecraft)

    A ring-sizer? A jewelry-smithing hammer? Or a tiny loupe? The possibilities are endless. I love this 'ible. I sewed for many years, and have a tiny pin that has three things dangling from it...a pair of scissors, a thimble and um, something else, lol related to sewing. Anyways, I lost part of the scissors and want to replace it, so will attempt to do so with this technique. Thanks for the great post!

    first, thanks a lot for your entertaining instructables, very much appreciated. so much that I tried one myself. it still needs /filing/sanding/polishing but it will be great :)

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    as soon as i say the shovel pendant, i suddenly imagined cosplaying like Jack from MÄR. I WANNA DO THAT NOW. i love ur stuff. ur's a true genius

    I am so glad I decided to subscribe to your instructables. Always an awesome read

    When I see your jewelry, I try to imagine the source materials / objects you're using to create them. Even when seeing the progression of photos, it's an amazing transformation. You've got an excellent creative vision. Keep up the great work!