Pick Up Moss and Twigs Without Breaking Your Back




Introduction: Pick Up Moss and Twigs Without Breaking Your Back

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It's time to mow the lawn again, but the yard is full of twigs and Spanish moss (If you live in the SE U.S.). Instead of wrecking your mower blades by mowing over the debris, or your back by raking and bending, there is an easy way to lift sticks and twigs off the ground with only a leaf rake.

Step 1: Get to Work, But Don't Break Your Back!

This takes much less effort than raking. Simply turn your leaf rake upside down so that the tines are facing up. Then push the rake along the ground like you would do as a push broom with short downward and forward motions.

Instead of raking, which pulls the sticks toward you but still leaves them on the ground, pushing the tines of the rake into them will cause them to be entangled and lifted up into the rake where they can be easily transported to the place you want them.

When your rake is full, dump it, then start again.

I hope this saves someone's back!

Why am I not raking up the sticks and moss with the leaves ? Because I have have live oak trees. They do not drop their leaves until the spring when they are pushing out new leaves. If I raked now, I'd have to do it all again in a couple months. Mine will drop about thirty 33 gal. bags worth of leaves. For now, I will mulch what is on the ground with the mower.

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    4 years ago

    will give it a try. Thanks


    Reply 4 years ago

    I hope it helps!