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So I got bored (It's that beautiful time of exams again..) and wanted to play my guitar but I couldn't find my pick which led me to an idea of making the pick holder!

Materials and tools:

- paper
- pencil
- plectrum
- leather
- scissors
- clasp or keyring
- needle and thread
- paint (optional)


- First, make a template of your pick holder

- when you're happy with your shape, draw it on leather and cut it

- stitch the two part together (I don't have photos of these steps, but I'm sure you'll figure it out ;) )

- you can paint the leather - optional step (I painted the inner side with black color)

- make a hole in the lower part and add clasp or keyring so you will never loose it again and have your picks always with you

Ok, that's pretty much all :D
Hope you like it!



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Nice design! I'm thinking of combining this with the bracelet pick holder idea (https://www.instructables.com/id/Pick-holder-bracelet/) but using a plaited leather bracelet.

Then I can have it dangling from a left hand bracelet and keep my spare plectrum handy when I'm playing or go for a cup of tea and not lose my plectrum by leaving it lying around.

it was great and easy


This is so amazing! You should sell this idea to fender or first act or something

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it's nice, the design looks a bit open, does the plectrum stay in there securely?

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Yep! It's really tight! You can change your design a little bit if you are not sure about it. But I carry it on my trousers for days and I still have the pick ;)

PS If you would make more "closed" design, the pick would be hard to get off it