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A few weeks ago I was having a "Loomer's Block", which is a term I made up for when I'm having trouble thinking of something totally new to loom. My friends said that it would be really cool to see a cute bunny. So I made a bunny, easy as pie. Then I noticed that the bunny resembled a Pokemon from the show "Pokemon". This Pokemon is called Pickachu, the main character's first Pokemon. So with a few adjustments, I was able to create a super cute charm that I wanted to share with the world. Before you try this, make sure you have sturdy rubber bands and a lot of patience=)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this super cute charm, you will need...
-84 black rubber bands
-8 black rubber bands
-4 red rubber bands
-2 brown rubber bands
-1 loom pick or crochet hook
-1 loom (any brand)
-1 pencil

Step 2: Now Let's Make the Ears

Take two yellow rubber bands. I will be using rainbow loom brand rubber bands, which are very sturdy. The reason I love using double bands is that if one of your rubber bands breaks, you don't have to worry about it because there's another rubber band. Go down again with two yellow bands, then again. Then use double black bands for the tip of his ear.

Step 3: Cap Band

So now we will place what is called a cap band at the end of the ear. Using a single black band, wrap it around three to four (3-4) times around the peg. What cap bands do are allow you to loom forward by holding onto the last band.

Step 4: Now Loom the First Ear

Now what you have to do is loom the ear. Go inside the cap band you placed and grab the bottom two bands. These bands will be going forward. Then loom the rest. There is nothing special or fancy to do, so loom like normal.

Step 5: Transfer

Transfer the ear from your loom to your pencil. Then transfer the ear from your pick to a pencil. A pencil makes a great holding object.

Step 6: Make Another Ear

Since Pickachu has two ears, make another ear using the same exact process as before.

Step 7: Now the Tail

Pickachu has a zigzag tail. Take double brown bands.

Step 8: Place

Now place the double brown bands on your loom, anywhere. Make sure you have five pegs though (the arrow is still pointing down). Then place double yellow bands down four more times,

Step 9: Cap Band... Again

Yep, you'll be using lots of cap bands. Follow the steps in the picture or the same process from the ear. Use a yellow band this time. Once again, wrap it around three to four (3-4) times around the peg.

Step 10: Loom

Now you have to loom the tail the same way you loomed the ears. Go into the cap band and grab the bottom two bands. Loom as usual.

Step 11: Transfer

Now transfer the tail to the pencil for later.

Step 12: Holding Band

This is the most important band for your whole charm. This little band will be the band that holds the whole thing together. If you feel confident in the sturdiness of your bands, you can use a single band. If not, you can use double bands. Place this band at the top of your loom, which is set in a staggered position.

Step 13: Double

For this charm, you will be using double bands unless the steps say otherwise. Take double bands and place them in a diagonal from the center to the left and right, as shown in the picture.

Step 14: Uh Oh

So I made a HUGE mistake when making this tutorial. I forgot to add in how to make Pickachu's cheeks. So for most of the tutorial, Pickachu has no cheeks. Do not go down on the left and right sides as shown using double yellow. Sorry=(

Step 15: The Cheeks

I found out how to add this step in between! Yay! Ok, so to make the cheeks, take double red bands and twist them around your pick four (4) times. Then take double yellow bands and slide those red ones onto the double yellow ones as shown in the picture. Repeat this process once more, because Pickachu has two cheeks.

Step 16: Transfer the Ears

Now, carefully transfer the ears from the pencil to your loom as shown.

Step 17: Close Off

Now close off the face once again using double yellow bands.

Step 18: Neck

Now make the neck using double yellow bands.

Step 19: Shoulders

Make Pickachu's shoulders using double bands as shown.

Step 20: Down

Go down on the right, left, and middle using double yellow bands. Then, still using doubles, go down two more times on the left side and the right side. Go down three times in the middle.

Step 21: Close Off

Now close off Pickachu's body using double bands. Follow the pictures for more detail.

Step 22: Arms and Legs

Now make his legs. To make the charm's limbs, use a single band and double it. Remember the cap band? Do the same thing except around two pegs. Follow the picture!

Step 23: Cap Bands

Now cap off the arms, legs, and bottom of the charm's body. Follow the pictures once again. When it comes to clarification, I may not be the best person=)

Step 24: Tail

Transfer the tail from the pencil to the body. Honestly, it doesn't matter if it's on the left side or the right side of he body.

Step 25: Horizontal Bands

Now add horizontal bands in the places shown. Horizontal bands are just a fancy term for those triangular shaped bands on the charm's tummy.

Step 26: Eye

Now, to make the charm's eyes, wrap a single black band around the peg shown four (4) times. Repeat on the other side.

Step 27: Finish the Eye

Now place a horizontal band (a triangle band) on the eyes as shown. Then bring the eyes onto the band as shown.

Step 28: Arms and Legs

To make the arms and legs, go inside the cap band, go around, and bring those bands either forward or backwards. For the arms, go back, for the legs, go forward.

Step 29: Side, Side, Up

Now go into the cap band you placed at the bottom of Pickachu and grab the top two. They will be going to your left. Then go in again and grab the next two. They will go right. Then go inside again and grab the last two, which will go forward.

Step 30: Up the Middle

If you're like me, you do the easiest part first, which is the middle. Loom the middle as normal and as shown,

Step 31: Yikes

Now this is the part at tells you if your bands are sturdy or not. Go inside all of the bands on the side that your tail is on and grab only the bottom two. These will go forward,

Step 32: Normal

Now loom the sides like normal until you reach the shoulders on both sides, as shown in he picture.

Step 33: Shoulders

Now go inside all of the bands on the left and grab the bottom two. They will go forward diagonal, as shown. Now on the right side, do the same thing. For more detail, look at the picture.

Step 34: Neck

Now go inside all of those bands and grab the bottom two, which will go forward,

Step 35: Looming the Face

Now let's begin looming Pickachu's face. Grab the top to bands and they will go left. Grab he next two bands and they will go right. Then grab the last two bands and they will go forward.

Step 36: Looming the Face Cont.

Loom the center as normal, but for the sides, stop when you reach the ears.

Step 37: Diagonal

On the sides, go all the way into all of the rubber bands and grab the bottom two. Each of those will go up and diagonal. See pictures for details.

Step 38: Lots of Tension

Now go inside all of the bands and grab he bottom one, because it will go forward. There will be a lot of tension, to if you have weak bands, be careful. Also, if you have weak bands I recommend you use an s-clip to hold the band so that it doesn't break. If not, follow the next step.

Step 39: Follow the Picture

Step 40: Yay!

Ta da! Now you have a super duper extra cute Pickachu charm that you can put in bracelets, necklaces, or even no where. It's a really neat design and I'm really happy I was able to make it. Thanks so much for viewing and I hope you loved it! Bye=)

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3 years ago on Introduction

but ur pikachu is great! i made 3! gave one to my pokemon loving sister! i kept the other 2! i luv pokemon!


Reply 4 years ago

Just keep trying=) And I'm sure you don't suck at it... You probably just don't "rock" at it =P


4 years ago

Completely useless in providing photos as an example as wel as providing a good description ... After the fourth try I gave up becuase none of this makes sense

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Reply 4 years ago

Obviously it makes enough sense for others to make it because at least half of these comments have photos of pickachus. I don't want to sound rude, but I did not appreciate this comment. If you need clarification on a certain step, just ask, but posting such an awful comment is disappointing. I apologize for this reply being so negative, but please do not post comments like these. Happy holidays!


4 years ago

yay! so cute! now all my friends will be jealous


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anyone else having trouble downloading the PDF? I've tried for a week, but it keeps coming up as Instructables having trouble. I can DL other Instructables, so not sure what is up...


4 years ago

Yes, I know and I'm very sorry. Luckily it was only the eyes. Down beneath your comment is the missing step. Very sorry and do forgive me!