Restoring an Antique Radio Destroyed by the Mailman.

Introduction: Restoring an Antique Radio Destroyed by the Mailman.

About: I have a group on facebook.South La. radio restoration and collecting.

This is how the postal service delivered my last radio.

Step 1: Collecting All the Pieces

I found all the large pieces and as much of the smaller ones I could salvage.

Step 2: Matching the Pieces

I then did a dry test and matched up as many pieces as I could.

Step 3: Glueing the Pieces Together

I used tape to hold the parts of the radio case while the glue dried.

Step 4: Bondo

I then used bondo to fill out the spaces where the smaller pieces were.i then sanded and painted using a plastic cover paint.

Step 5:



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    A great job. You did well with that little amount of tape to hold it together before filling.

    1 reply

    it is hard to tell from the last picture, did you keep the wicker and dye it burgundy or did you replace it with a different material?

    2 replies

    No the wicker was the original grill cloth. I had to replace it.

    I had to replace the grill cloth it was torn during shipping.

    Describe how you made the repairs and this would be a good instructable. Without some commentary it is just before and after photos.

    1 reply

    Thank you for some reason all my text did not show in the listing.I am surprised the editors let it post.