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Introduction: Pickle Roll-Ups

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I absolutely love pickle roll-ups.  It is one of those foods that I always ask to have during the holidays, or just any time I can get away with it.  My mom and my grandma always make the best pickle roll-ups and for the first time ever, I made some all by myself.  They are really easy and I know people make them many different ways, but here is my way.

Note: I used my new photography lights for the first time; let me know what you think of the photos.

Step 1: What You Need

Cream Cheese
Deli Meat (Ham, Corn Beef, Roast Beef, etc.)


Step 2: Prepare Your Cream Cheese

My mom aways mixes the cream cheese with pickle juice. 

Take some of your cream cheese and put it in a bowl.  Mush it up a bit so it isn't too stiff.  Pour some of your pickle juice into your bowl with your cream cheese and mix it together.

Step 3: Roll It and Stick It

Take your meat and lay it folded over on a plate.  Take a knife and spread your cream cheese pickle juice mixture onto the meat.  Be careful.  My ham wanted to tear up so make sure your cream cheese is nice and creamy.  

Take your pickle and just roll it up in the cream cheese spread meat.

Stick a tooth pick into your pickle roll-up.  I find it best to stick it where the meat end is so that it doesn't try to unroll.

Step 4: Eat It!!!

Enjoy your delicious pickle roll ups.

My mom usually uses corn beef, but I couldn't find it this time.  So I know that meat works well.  Ham is another popular meat to use.  I wasn't sure before I made them, how the roast beef would be, but after giving it a try my husband and I agree that it makes a tasty pickle roll-up.  

Try different meats and see which you like best, and of course, enjoy!



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    29 Discussions

    When I lived in Oregon we made these, alternating some with pickles, some with black olives. I brought the tradition back to IL with me. Never thought to mix the pickle juice with the cream cheese...I'll have to try that.

    I bet pickled banana peppers and pepperoncinis might go good with it as well. Man...getting hungry : )

    The first time I ate at someone's house in France, my host served something similar: pickled asparagus with mayo, wrapped in ham.

    1 reply

    I make something similar every New Year's Eve. I use thin ham slices, slathered with cream cheese , a sweet gherkin rolled up in the ham, then I cut disks out of it. Looks like mini Sushi. Very yummy! Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    I'd never seen these before so I had to try them! Nice! Kudo's for a great 'ible. Simple, attractive and tasty.

    1 reply

    I do something similar to this. I take slices of krakaus ham and spread it with cream cheese. Then i put a pickle sliver in and roll it up longways. Then i cut the roll up so it kind of looks like sushi. Same ingredients different design. Very nice 'ible

    2 replies

    Fun they had these at the minnesota state fair but with pastrami. I would have tried it but I was too full if deep fried pickles :)