Picture Frame



My sister is a doctor with a lot of used memo pad. I thought of reusing an old picture frame cardboard to become a picture frame again. 

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Step 1: Materials Used

1. Used Cardboard
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Used Memo Pads
5. Picture 

Step 2:

1. Draw a box in your cardboard to serve as the opening for your picture.
2. Cut the drawn box and cleanly cut the edges. 

Step 3: Design of the Frame

1. Cut one memo pad into four (4).
2. Roll each piece.
3. Unite the memo pad's end with a glue. 
4. Paste the rolled memo pads to your card board in alternate colors.

Step 4: Finishing

1. Tape your picture at the back side of your frame. 
2. Cover the back portion with another cardboard of the same size. 
3. Flat the memo pads so that it will not be out of its position. 



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