Picture Frame

Introduction: Picture Frame

can you never find the right picture frame? Make your own!

Step 1: Design It

create a design. Like mine? use it!
its an 8X10 with a 4X2 stand

Step 2: Cut It Out

Cut out the hole in the frame, cut out the rectangle at the bottom (this will be used as the stand

Step 3: Make the Back

Take a full sheet of paper (or whatever material you are using) and attach it to the back of the frame (use glue)
but only glue on 3 sides. leave the top unglued so you can slide your picture in

Step 4: Attach the Stand

Glue the stand on the back. the stand the stand is 4in tall, so glue in on an angle so its about 3in high on the frame

Step 5: Make It Your Own!

Draw on it. Be craetive

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