Hand Made Portable Picture Frame

This simple and clear frame is all made with old cloth and plastics. It is very easy to make and you can DIY whatever styles you like.

I’ve always wished I could have a lightweight and easy to use frame of single piece backing. And I  couldn’t find any frames fit for my requirement. Therefore, I decide to use the waste materials to make my own frame. Hope you will like it :)

Step 1: STEP ONE

- Old cloth
- Old glass/ Old plastic plate
- Scissors/Knife
- File edge or bracket

Step 2: STEP TWO

You have to tailor the backing cloth to certain size, which is as similar as the selected glass/plastic. However the tailored size is based on cloth’s flexibility and there must be some differences between different cloths.


Choosing PU leather and Acrylic as my materials, I tailor the backing cloth exactly as same as the front size and also using two-sided tape to stick sides of single piece leather to sides of Acrylic board.


Cutting the file edge to match the length of sticked sides. And using edge as frame to fix Acrylic and PU leather.

Step 5: FINISH

Finished! I find it could be more useful than just a photo frame, I also can insert a message or memo or anything flat into this frame. And when I travelled, I still can bring it because of the lightweight. I really love it and hope you will like it too.



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