Picture Frame Serving Tray

Introduction: Picture Frame Serving Tray

I was looking for a cool mother's day gift to make for my wife since she is having our child in about two months and is on bed rest.
I keep bringing her food up to her, and she has been eating on a cruddy board for doing homework on. So I looked for a nice serving tray and
saw one made with a picture frame and put a pillow under it. I was hoping for something more traditional with legs. Guess what there is no such thing to buy, and I couldn't find one that was out there with instructions. So that is why I'm here. Hopefully you can make the same and share.

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Step 1: Parts and Tools

Not much was needed.
Picture frame 13x23 -found in Wal-Mart, if you look you'll find the diploma with a picture in one frame - $15
1/2 wooden dowel - Home Depot $2
2 1x2 boards -Home Depot -$1.50 each
4 1/4 -20 30mm connecting bolts -Home Depot $3
4 Connecting caps - Home Depot $3
#8 1 3/4" wood screws $2
handles, I had these left over from when I did my kitchen.

Miter saw
small wood nails or nail gun
1/2" drill bit
1/4" drill bit
11/32" drill bit

Step 2: Picture Frame

As steps go this is the easiest.
First take out the glass and the matting. I almost forgot to do this and would have made for another trip to the store because of cracked glass. Well address the matte in a little bit.
Measure the with of the frame, mine happened to be 1 1/2". So I made a line on either side at 3/4".
The one side was 13.5 inches do I measured 6.75 inches for the middle and the handles, from hole to hole were a little under 7 inches so i measured a little over 3.5 inches and eyeballed the holes. I drilled 1/4 inch holes and tightened, looked great.

Now set aside, the base is needed.

Step 3: Frame

The side was 20 inches so i cut 2 1x2 pieces at a 45 degree angle at 20 inches at the long angles.
Being that the 1x2 is 1.5 inches wide and I wanted the legs to swivel out, I made a line down the center and a cross line at 1 inch.
I didn't want a full frame, to make the illusion of a holding area and help with hiding the legs. so i cut 4 1x2 4 inches and have one side a 45 degree angle.
Then luckily my neighbor had a staple gun and made connecting the pieces easy. I also pre drilled the screws.

Step 4: Legs

I cut 4 legs to be 10.5 inches long and made a mark at 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch on both ends as well as rounded the ends.
I drilled one side with a 1/2 inch for the dowel and the other with the 11/32 for the bolt.
I bolted it together to test. Good thing, got the 40mm and they were too long.
The legs were at a great angle also.
I also cut the dowels, they just needed to be longer than the width for the legs, and I wasn't going to paint them.

Step 5: Matte Cutting

Being that the frame was for a diploma and a 4x6, I had to cut the matte, I think it came out nice.

Step 6: Sand and Paint

I sanded all the pieces and found a nice espresso color that matched the frame.
I also put a coat of very hi gloss polyurethane.

Step 7: Put It Together

I took off the handles from before to lay it flat. Drilled wood screws into the frame in the pre drilled holes. Then I assembled the legs and cut off the excess dowels carefully not to mess with the paint. Bolted the legs to the frame. Then I put the glass and matte with pictures in, be careful, it almost didn't open because of the bolts.
I tested it out, the legs were a fight fit, which was what I was going for to make sure they locked well.

Step 8: Happy Mother's Day

I made breakfast and gave it to my wife for mothers day.
She loved it.

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    4 years ago

    This looks like an awesome gift for your wife. Very thoughtful, and nicely built!

    And a very good first instructable too! :)