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Introduction: Picture Frame Toolbox

This is a tool box in a picture frame or Toolframe! I made this as a gift for a friend.

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Step 1: What Tools Do You Need?

If you have a small home and only need limited tools, this may be the only tool box you need and it takes up no floor space. If you have a large workshop or garage you can use the Toolframe to keep the tool you use (or your partner uses) in the house to hand, without having to go to the workshop. It can also help avoid tools migrating from the workshop to the home. First of all you need to think what tools you often need in the home. I felt a radiator key (I can never find one when I need it), screw drivers, hammer and glue were the essentials. Others tools to consider include a wrench, pliers, wire strippers, duct tape or picture hooks.

Step 2: Materials

I used:

A deep/box picture frame 8x8"/23x23cm (there are larger if you want to add more tools)

such as the Ikea RIBBA, there are also available from Wilko in the UK.


Box frames

Radiator key (clock type)

Screwdrivers: Pozi and Phillips (Cross and flathead)

Pozi Screwdriver

Slotted Screwdriver

8oz wooden Handle Hammer (15-210z hammer was too large, a wooden handle so it can be shortened)

8oz Wooden Claw Hammer


19mm Tool clips x3

19mm Tool Clips

White Hardboard (size equal to the back board of the picture frame)

Neodynium Magnets 10x2mm x2


Brass Plated Shoulder L dresser Hooks 1"/25mm x2

L Hooks

4mm Rivets and Rivet gun or M4 bolts, washers and nuts x3

Hot Glue/Epoxy/Woodglue


Step 3: Frame

Take your frame apart and remove the glass.

Cut the hardboard the same size as the piece of board that goes behind the picture in the frame and glue them together. This strengthens the board and takes up the space lost by removing the glass, without it the frame may rattle.

Lay out your tools where you want them to go. The claw hammer handle was too long to fit in the frame, so I cut a small amount off the bottom. I sanded the handle and oiled with Linseed oil, but this isn't necessary if you happy with how the hammer looks.

You need to decide how you want to attach the tools to the frame. I used the 19mm tool clips for the screwdrivers and hammer. Mark where these will go so you can drill a 4mm hole through the back board to rivet or bolt them on. The 19mm clips seemed right for the tools I used, if your not sure measure the tool with calipers.

For the radiator key I used the L hooks, these need a 1-15mm hole drilling through the back board.

I used the magnet to hold the Superglue in place

Step 4: Riveting

To Rivet the Tool clips in place line them up against the board and the hole you drilled and push the rivet through, add a M4 washer to the back to reinforce. (I didn't have any so drilled a 4mm hole in a larger washer).

The tool clips will grip tighter once attached.

If you don't have a rivet gun, then using M4 bolts would work well.

Next Drill a 1-15mm hole for the L Hooks for the radiator key and screw them into place. I would recommend applying hot glue to the ends if the stick out the back of the board or cutting/grinding them flat

Step 5: Glue the Glue

For the Superglue attach a magnet to the back of the bottle, higher up is better as if its too low, being top heavy it could hang upside down. I used hot glue for this, it doesn't stick very well to the magnets, so epoxy may be better. Place a magnet to the back of the frame and use it too attach the glue bottle with magnet to the front. Once it is placed where you want it, glue the magnet to the back. I hot glued over it. Double sided tape, super glue or epoxy would work fine for this.

Step 6: Hanging

If mounting to a wall I would recommend picture mirror fixing, so it can be screwed to the wall. A tiny picture hook may not take the weight and it may fall off the wall every time you remove a tool.

Picture plates

These screw into the back of the frame and a screw mounts to the wall

I didn't attach these to mine, being a gift I thought I'd let the recipient decide how to mount it

Step 7: Admire/Use

Attach the a wall and Use!

Ensure the tools are firmly attached to the frame and the frame is firmly attached to the wall so nothings falls off and hurts anyone.

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    looks nice...! good job!