Picture Hook and Shell Cufflinks

Introduction: Picture Hook and Shell Cufflinks

It is my partners birthday in two days, and want to make something with personal and practical value for him.

He has to borrow his friends cufflinks whenever he's dressing to impress so I have made some cufflinks made with small ceramic tiles, shells and modified picture hooks.

The shells were picked by our daughter the first time she went paddling in the sea. It was a very special day for us three.

Step one: 

Choose a small plain square tile (3cm x 3cm) or thereabouts, choose some shells to place on the tile, get some adhesive - i used 'all purpose strong adhesive' and carefully stick the shells on to the tile, I used tweezers.

Step two:

Get a picture hook and bend it backwards and forward till it snaps in half. Use the end which is 4cm and use a book with a spine approx 1.5cm wide and very solid. Get your 4cm piece of metal and bend it so that there are two right angles and 1.3cm down each sleeve. I had to use a hammer to get right angles. Stick the middle part of each modified picture hooks together with adhesive. You should see an 'X' type shape.

Step three:

Stick the tile with shells onto the modified picture hooks. I squeezed the tweezers on both joins for a couple minutes each to make sure of the bond.

Enjoy your shiny new cufflinks!!

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