Picture Perfect Clock

Introduction: Picture Perfect Clock

With Christmas drawing ever closer I needed more inexpensive gift ideas for friends and family thats when I stumbled on a tutorial "5 Cheap-as-Free things to make from comics" in it I found an idea for a clock, only problem I'm the only comic nerd in my family. I kinda trashed that idea until I was shopping for supplies at hobby lobby and found really small, cute, and cheap clocks and that's when I got the idea to put a picture in it, this proved a little more difficult then I anticipated because I still wanted the clock to work but I managed to make three of these bad boys (all of which work) so here is my tutorial on how to make these easy yet effective gifts, enjoy! :)

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Step 1: Materials, Materials, and More Materials!

All right first step to any project, get your goodies all gathered up! For this project you will need the following:
-A clock (any size but for this I am using a tiny one)
-your picture (it can be anything from a photo to something off the internet)
-exacto knife
-mod podge or glue stick (I live off my mod podge but a glue stick works just as well)
-screw driver

Alright let's get started!

Step 2: Screw-da-lew!

Alright so this first step is going to be disassembling the clock I will put these all as one step to save time and so you dont have to scroll through all those pages:
step 1: unscrew the back screws that are holding the back to the face of the clock
step 2: pull off the back (where you shall find more screws DUN DUN DUN!)
step 3: remove those screws!
step 4: Remove the face of the clock (i took and held the blue frame and used my thumbs to push the glass sorry for not getting any pictures to help out with this step)
step 5: remove the glass. NOTE: Be very careful doing this I sliced my finger removing one, and chipped the side of another when I used my screw driver (not smart but it was worth a shot)

Step 3: Prying Those Cold Dead Hands

Now this is one of the most trickiest and probably one of the most important part of this step, removing the hands of the clock so that the clock will still work (I broke one clock already for another project because I didn't remove the hands properly). So after removing the glass take and pull the needles off one afer another and then place them in order somewhere to the side. Be gentle removing the needles because they bend and snap easily.

Step 4: Picture Perfect

Now that you have decimated your clock it's time to get that picture in! Cut our your picture and then lay it in your clock if it doesn't fit then keep cutting till it does (what really helps is trimming it down to a close fit then laying it in the frame and taking your exacto knife and cutting off the edges that don't fit, it helps to get a better fit). After you have your picture the perfect size take your mod podge (or glue stick) and glue your picture in. What I did after placing my picture in is go over it with more mod podge to give it that glossy look, if you do this let it sit before doing the next step.

Step 5: Stabby Stabby! Clicky Clicky!

Now that you have your picture put in (and if you used mod podge covering and it's all dry) it's time to put those hands back together. First put the back on the clock and screw in the bolts. Now place the hands in reverse order from which you removed em make sure to click them in place and then once they are all on align the hour and minute hand at 12 o'clock.


It is now time to assemble this bad boy! First place the glass back over the face of the clock, and then put the back onto the clock and then screw in your screws. Now it's time to place the clock back into the frame take and push the clock into the frame but be careful because the glass is very fragile.

Step 7: You Win YAYY

Now you are finished! Step back admire your work and then wrap that thing up (if your gifting it) or set it upon your mantle and admire your work :)

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