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My mother’s birthday is in a couple days.  I like for her gifts to be unique and special, for she is such a special lady. 
My girls love their Nana.

For this project you will need:
sewing machine
bias tape or ric rac
fabric (2) 12" x 14" pieces
pabric (paper fabric)
a fabulous artist to draw a picture for the front of the pillow

Step 1: Color Something Beautiful

This year I had them draw pictures of Nana or of themselves with her.  I had planned to make gifts using each of the pictures, but I have so far only made a gift with one of them.  I borrowed a gift idea from a friend and turned the picture into a pillow.

Step 2: Copy Onto Pabric

I started by copying Chloe’s picture that she drew onto a piece of paper fabric.

Step 3: Choose the Fabric

We chose our fabric and cut it into (2) 12”x14” pieces.

Step 4: Sew on the Picture

I sewed the picture to the piece that will become the front of the pillow.

Step 5: Add Some Bias Tape or Ric Rac

I also added some bias tape around the edge of the picture to cover the thread.  When I do the next pillow, I will do the bias tape a little differently.  This time I only sewed one stitch down the middle, but it really needs one on either edge going the whole way around the picture.

Step 6: Piping

Next, I added some piping to the edge of the pillow.

Step 7: Sew It. Flip It. Stuff It.

I sewed it together, leaving an opening at the bottom to stuff it.
I turned it right side out...
And stuffed it!

Step 8: Hand Stitch the Opening

Using a needle and thread, I hand stitched the opening where I stuffed the pillow.


I’m sure she’ll love it.  I wish the girls could each give them to her, but we will include lots of love in the box when we mail it.



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    They would be great for this. But, I actually had my girls color on regular paper with colored pencils and then copied the picture onto printable fabric.