Picture of Cosmos With LED Stars in 3D

Introduction: Picture of Cosmos With LED Stars in 3D

Feel as if sleeping under a clear, night sky full of stars - in your own room.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

  • -High density fibreboard - pick a size that suits you (and your ceiling) best. (mine is 1m x 1m),
  • -4 planks for frame,
  • -paints or sprays: i used black, red, blue, purple,
  • -white led 3mm or 5mm white color ~3,2V, ebay
  • -magnetic wire ⌀= 0.1mm, ebay
  • -soldering iron,
  • -upholstery stapler, ebay
  • -wood glue, ebay
  • -hot glue, ebay
  • -switch, ebay
  • potentiometer 50K OHM, ebay
  • -power supply 3V, ebay
  • -a few wires,
  • -lighter,

Step 2: Make a Frame for Picture

Frame i did with 4 cuboids of wood linked on corners with staples and glue to the board by wood glue. After gluing we leave it to dry what last even 24 hours.

Step 3: Soldering LED

As you can see on the photos, you should heat a wire before curl to remove enamel, next wrap few cm with diode’s connect and solder it. We have to be carefully because wire is narrow and easy to burn. It’s important to mark which wire is soldered with cathode and which to anode for example with masking tape or marker. Length depends on how high we have ceiling and on what distance we want diodes under picture.

Step 4: Paint Cosmos

!! If you are using spray paint, remember to protect your hands and nose (do not paint in poorly ventilated spaces) !!

Painting the cosmos is probably most pleasant step. You can use any color you want. You can make (paint) anything you want ( planets, Milky Way etc.). When you’re done painting, leave it in well ventilated and dry room for few hours.

Step 5: Place the LEDs

Take your finished picture and do holes for diodes. You can do this as constellation or by yourself. Now, put your diodes in holes and on the back, connect all positive poles and all negative poles. To consolidate that you can solder it and then use hot glue.

Step 6: Perform Pilot

Box for switch and potentiometer you can do by yourself with wood or cardboard. Connect circuit like on scheme above.

Step 7: Attach Picture.

The best way is to attach each corner, unfortunately my ceiling isn’t good for drilling so i used double-sided tape as you can see on the photo. Wire from pilot you can put by wall to the electric socket or connect with lamp’s wire in ceiling.

Step 8: Few Photos of Finished Work

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    4 years ago

    Your starts look great! Thanks for sharing!