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Pi day is approaching. But not any Pi day, this year it is unique because it is on march, 14. 2015 (3,1415). For this special occasion I am going to bake some lovely little Pi(e)-pops with a "rounded" taste to share with my lab colleagues. If you are looking for the perfect sweet treat for your Pi-day-party try this quick and easy recipe.

Step 1: Ingredients and Pattern


  • 2cups (250gram) flour
  • 2/3cups (125gram) sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1stick (125gram) butter
  • 1tsp vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean

As a filling you can use your favourite jam or chocolate/hazelnut spread. I used rasperry jam and nutella.


  • paper
  • pencil
  • some thin but sturdy plastic (optional)

For the pattern look up a Pi you like from the internet and print it in or trace it from the screen of your phone. You can use this paper pattern or copy it to some plastic, I used a piece of a headphone packaging to make it more durable. Cut it out with a crafting knife.

Besides you need some oven-safe sticks, I recommend simple wooden
skewers and a round cutter or glass in the size you prefer (~2inch).

Step 2: Prepare Crust and Sticks

Add all your ingredients into a bowl and knead until you have a nice dough ball. Wrap it in plastic wrap or a freezer bag and put in the fridge für ~30 minutes.

If your skewers are to long cut them in half and if you fancy it use the waiting time for a game of Mikado (pick-a-stick).

Step 3: Cut the Mini Pies Add a Pinch of Pi, Fill and Bake Them

Preheat oven to 390°F (200°C). Put your dough out of the fridge and roll it out with a rolling pin. Cut out circles with your cutter or glass and put them on a baking tray covered with baking paper.

This is the time to add the main ingredient for these special Pi pops... The Pi! Just put your pattern on every other dough circle and cut it out with a sharp knife that you dip in flour from time to time to avoid stickiness.

Now put a skewer and some filling on the non-Pi dough circles and put the Pi on top. To close the edges crimp them with a fork or use another skewer.

For more variete you can colour some dough with a little jam or chocolate, cut out Pis and put them on top of uncut pies.

Bake your little Pi pies for about 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Step 4: Enjoy Pi Day With Delicious Fresh Pi Pops

Let the cute little Pi pops cool down and bring them to any Pi-Day Party or to the lab to cheer up your colleagues. We discovered that they fit perfectly in the pocket of any labcoat for a snack on the go. Be sure to retain some in your own pocket, they will be gone in less than 3,1415 seconds ;)

(We all know that it is contradictory to every laboratory safety rule to put food in the pockets of a labcoat! So while you enjoy you Pi pop please only wear labcoats you wear just because you love labcoats and none you wore while working with dangerous chemicals or nasty fluids)

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Looks so cute. I am going to definitely make this. My daughter is going to love it. Good job! Hope you win. I am following you now and have voted for you. Hope you win. All the best for the contest.

1 reply

4 years ago on Introduction

They are absolut delicious and I like the photos very much.


4 years ago

These were fun to make. My personal opinion is that there was too much crust and not enough filling, but perhaps that can be corrected in the future. They were quite the hit at the pi party I attended.

I did make one change however. Instead of cutting the pi into the crust, I made a stencil and used spray on food coloring. It worked pretty fantastic.

Thanks for the fun idea and tasty treat.

1 reply

Thank you for using my recipe :) The idea with the spray on food colouring is great I have tot try this next time.
If you have too much crust just roll it out a little thinner or stuff as much filling inside as possible ;)


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Thank you :) Hope you like it enough to vote for me in the Pi/e Day contest ;)


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Thank you lots :)
I'm glad to hear that you want to try them and would love to see a picture!