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Introduction: Piece of My Heart Puzzle Keychain

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NOTE: find the puzzle piece design to download and print out here

This was so much fun to make! When I came up with this geometric heart puzzle design I was wracking my brain for a cute (but not too cute) Valentines gift idea for my other half Quinn. I wanted to give him something small and personal that he could keep with him and I couldn’t find anything just right so I decided to create him the perfect present myself.

When I finished I presented Quinn with the blue and green side while I held onto the purple tinted side. It worked out well because when he has it attached to his keychain it just looks like a random geometric puzzle piece, not a piece of a cute little heart. I used polymer clay to create this but I think some lightweight wood like balsa may work as well, try it and let me know!

Step 1: Cut Out the Printed Piece

Step 2: Cut Off a Piece of Polymer Clay and Roll Into a Sheet

Step 3: Lay the Puzzle Piece Over the Clay Sheet and Use a Craft Knife to Cut It Out

Step 4: Insert the Eye Pin

Step 5: Add Some Gold!

Step 6: Glue on the Paper Puzzle to the Baked Polymer Clay Piece

Step 7: Seal It Up With Some Polyurethane

Step 8: Attach the Hardware and Done!

Thats all there is to it! I hope it was easy to follow and you enjoyed it <3



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    This is so sweet! I absolutely adore your ibles!=)

    Amazing project. Gonna make it today :)
    Simple and beautiful ^^


    4 years ago

    Wooooooow!!!!!!! I love this!!! It's awesome!

    It looks awesomee :))

    sooooooooooo cute!!

    Another cute project. I like how they are multi colors.

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