Pigeon Fiddle


Introduction: Pigeon Fiddle

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The back, sides and neck of the pigeon fiddle are all carved from a single birch burl. The top is carved out of sitka spruce.



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    Beautiful workmanship. How does it play (sound)? Have you had someone (who plays) play it?

    The coolest looking 'ibles always seem to be the ones that don't actually have some instructions when you click on them :/

    This looks awesome, but I really wish there were some WIP shots xD

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    I agree with you on that the coolest ones dont have instructions. This is still pretty awesome nice job jesse.hensel

    Thanks for the tip on the challenge. I wanted to enter, but I wasn't quite sure how. I did indeed make it. I found the burl in May and finished the piece a month ago. I don't think I have any construction photos. However, I may repeat the method to make a cello, and I'll try and be better about documentation.

    I would love to share the sound. However, the recording process will take some time, because I do not play.