Pigtail Braids

Introduction: Pigtail Braids

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This is a cute, fun hair due that's easy and adorable! It's very sports dynamic, meaning that it's great for sports and any physical activity. I'm using an American Girl Doll, but feel free to use anything else with hair.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need...
•1 hairbrush and/or comb
•2 elastic hair bands

Step 2: Clean, Brushed, Combed, Parted

Before you start, make sure that the hair you're dealing with is clean, brushed, combed, and parted. This makes it easier for your hair and you.

Step 3: Section Off

Section your hair into two parts.

Step 4: Tie One Off

Tie one section off.

Step 5: Section Again

Section the other section into three sections.

Step 6: Begin

Begin braiding the section. Bring the rightmost part to the middle.

Step 7: Continue On

Then bring the leftmost section to the middle. Continue this process until you have 1-2 inches of hair left.

Step 8: Tie It Off

Then wrap one of your bands around the end 2 or more times.

Step 9: Repeat

Repeat this process on the other section. Braid it just as before.

Step 10: Tie Off and Enjoy

After you're done with the other section, tie it off. Now you're done! Enjoy and add accessories if you would like to! Thank you so much for viewing=D

Step 11: Take a Look

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