Pikachu Clock

Introduction: Pikachu Clock

Hello! This is my first instructable.
This project wasn't supposed to be described, so it may lack a few pictures, it was a gift made for a friend.

To get the clock mechanism, i bought a clock and disassembled it... but if you search a few minutes on the internet you can easily find plenty of them. And that's probably a cheaper way to get them.


The body is made of MDF, cut and engraved with a laser cutter.

To find a place with such a machine, I suggest you look for a Fablab, or any other place where you can use heavy and expensive devices for a limited cost.

Most of the work in this project is finding and editing the picture you want to use.

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Step 1: Find and Edit Your Pictures

I can't remember where I found the picture. Pixiv for sure, but no idea of the author.
Anyway, i needed a picture with a round shaped something to make the clock.

With Photofiltre, Paint, or the software of your choice, clear the place where the clock face will be, and add the numbers.
Here I also had to complete the tail and make a few lines darker.

Step 2: Laser Cutter Software (RDWorks)

First, get the ouline of the shape. Then import it in RDWorks. The Bitmap Handle button give you an outline you can adjust as you wish.

Second step, use the Bitmap Handle button again on the first picture. Select Dither, Net graphic, and then Apply to view. I suggest you try engraving with different numbers. It's hard to see what really happens with just the screen.

Finally, be sure the outline and the new picture you have are well superimposed before cutting. You can also add a mark or even make a hole in the center of the clock for the mechanism.

The Preview button tells you how long the process will last.

Step 3: Almost Complete

Make the hole or adjust its size with a drill.

Add the mechanism.

With small pieces of wood you can file to adjust their size, make a stand for the mechanism.
I used hot glue to fix it.

And that should end the project.. but...

Step 4: A Step Further?

I didn't try this part... mainly because I don't know if this powder is dangerous or not. I only use it in closed jar, where nobody can touch it.

I bought some phosphorescent paint. I was disappointed of it and instead of throwing it away, I salvaged the phosphorescent powder that was in it.

I think it would be nice adding some of this powder in the cavities made by the numbers of the clock, by mixing it with Epoxy resin.

And last thing, all of this was just an example, find your own shape, customize the hands of the clock.
If you don't want to spend too much time on RDWorks (or any other software), just use it to cut the shape and place the numbers, and then paint it as you like.

Have fun.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate, but I'm abroad and I can't really make some tests with the laser cutter.

(Sorry if my English is not perfect, I'm french)

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