Pikachu Kid's Rocking Chair




About: I like music a lot and consider guitar my main instrument. I love my high school and all of the engineering classes I'm in. I want to be a manufacturing engineer when I grow up 'cuz they're bosses. I also...

This is a rocking chair I made with my friends in the beginning of the year for my engineering class.  All of these parts can be manufactured on a 4'x4'x.5" sheet of plywood.  All of the parts were cut out on the Shopbot 4"x8" mill and were (almost) perfectly fit for assembly.  There is no glue used and the only joints are mortise and tenons that are secured with pegs.  This can hold the weight of a 250 lb. adult and is only made from particleboard.  Nobody in my house is young enough to fit in the chair, so I'm giving it to a family I know with 3 little kids.  It was painted with oil-based brush paint.  Enjoy!



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