Pikachu Santa Hat

Introduction: Pikachu Santa Hat

Made for our Pokémon society!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:

- A santa hat (I got mine for €2 in Tiger)
- 1 or 2 ~12 inch squares of yellow felt (Less than a euro each in Inspiring Ideas or Hickeys) (Though I only needed the second square because I was figuring things out as I went and screwed up)
- 1 large sheet of black card (75c in Inspiring Ideas)
- Fabric glue (Inspiring Ideas, can't remember the price)
- Sellotape
- Scissors
- 'Vanishing' marker (10000% optional but it made things easier. I got mine for €4 in Inspiring Ideas)

Step 2: Cut Out Your Basic Shapes

-  Take the black card and cut off a square the same size as your felt square

-  Cut this into two equal triangles

-  Cut the yellow felt horizontally into two equal rectangles and set aside

Step 3: Start the Ears

- Roll up the black triangles so they form into cones and sellotape the edges in place

- Trim the ends that are sticking out so that the bottom of each cone is a circle that's angled down on one side (so one side of the cone will be longer than the other)

Step 4: Cut the Felt

This step is the one that took me the longest to figure out, since shaping around a cone is really tricky. The best method I could find is:

- Lay your cones out on the table in a straight line with the tips touching

- Find a circular object (I used a big dinner plate) with a diameter in and around the same length as the two cones
               - (If you have a big enough compass you can just set that to the exact length)

- Take one of your yellow rectangles and place the edge of your circular object as close to the long edge as possible, then trace the curve around it with the vanishing marker (or literally any other pen, marker, etc. since this edge is going to be hidden inside the hat anyway)

- Do the same with the second one

- Figure out how long you want the black tip of the ears to be, then find a circular object with (or put a compass to the right length) the same radius

- Draw this curve on the opposite edge of the rectangle

- It should look like the photo above

Step 5: Wrap the Ears

-  Fold the yellow felt curve in half so that the edges line up

- Unfold and put a line of fabric glue down the crease in the middle

- Press the black cone into place and hold down until it's stuck

- Continue gluing the two together with lines of glue until the edges meet

- Trim the excess fabric and leave aside to dry fully

- Repeat with the second  ear

Step 6: Now Comes the Fiddly Bit

This is where the vanishing marker came in really handy, but tailor's chalk would probably do just as well if you make sure to dust it off after.

- Put the santa hat on and get in front of a mirror

- Position the ears on top in the position you think works best

- Put one of the ears down and pick up the marker

- Mark the position on the hat by circling it with the marker

- Mark out a second circle about about half an inch inside the first one

- Cut a + shape across the smaller circle and push one of the ears up through it from the inside of the hat

- It should fit through enough for almost the full length of the ear to stick out, with about a half inch of it encircled by the fabric of the  hat. There will be 4 little points of fabric coming up the side, we'll be trimming these later.

- Take it back out and cover the bottom half inch or so (the bit that's in contact with the hat) in fabric glue and then re-insert it in the same way

- Press down firmly the whole way around and leave to dry.

- Repeat with the second ear

- Trim the 4 fabric points so that the fabric holding the ears in place is a circle

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand you're done!

I can't remember the exact time it took, but I know I got an episode each of Sleepy Hollow and Stargate Atlantis watched, as well as half an episode of Bones. So... maybe a bit over 2 hours?

In fairness I spent at least half of the Sleepy Hollow episode figuring out how to wrap the ears properly.

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