Pike Fishing Tactics

Introduction: Pike Fishing Tactics

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This is my second pike fishing instruct able but this time I will be getting more into the tactics so I hope this helps you catch more fish here are some tips enjoy

Step 1: What You Need

1.fishing rod
2.rubber net (optional)
4.body of water
5.boat (optional)

Step 2: Baits/tackle

You want to have many different baits because the fish can be in moods for different things like spinners or live bait so here are some baits

Step 3: Trolling

This is my favorite type of fishing for pike and its called trolling and it is very effective so basically you just want to drive super slowly with your boat cast your line behind you with your favorite lure and drive along a weed line reel slow and you want to be doing this in about 5 feet of water

Step 4: Jigging

Jigging is is something you would usually do in walleye fishing but it seems to work for pike to so you just trow a leech or worm on a jig and send it down near a weed line and see what you catch

Step 5: Casting

Casting is a favorite of mine and its pretty simple to do you don't need a boat or any thing fancy just a dock or off shore you just put a lure on that you like and cast it around and you want to play the fish bye reeling slow then fast to get attention

Step 6: Good Luck

Good luck and I hope this helped you please check out my page and I hoped these tips helped you

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    3 Discussions

    Mighty Rig
    Mighty Rig

    4 years ago

    Great post, my only addition would be the use of a wire trace (to avoid bite offs) and long nosed pliers or artery forceps for removing the hooks from the pike's jaws.


    6 years ago

    Thanks a lot crazyfrog524 I think I will be doing this with the rest of the indtructables to


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Well just noticed this Instructable of yours to! fantastic, I find its even more filled with info, than you`re last pike instructables!