Pill Bottle Pocket Camera Flash Diffuser

Introduction: Pill Bottle Pocket Camera Flash Diffuser

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Almost everyone has a pocket camera and almost every camera has a flash. This will allow you to get a little bit of control to help tame that flash for certain situations. This will make it so closer subjects won't be over exposed and even help in situations where you just need a little flash for fill light. This costs a dollar literally to make.
1 Pill Bottle (I used Equate Excedrin from walmart .94 cents)
1 Cutting utensil (for cutting!)
1 Marker (for marking!)

Step 1: Peel

Remove the label from the bottle. I used warm water to get off most of it you can use alcohol if needed but it doesn't really hurt anything if there are pieces left on.

Step 2: Decapitate

Remove the top just where the bottle starts to curve so it's left flat.

Step 3: Precision Slot Projection

I used the line on the pill bottle on both sides for a guide then drew out the slot on the bottle. I had to adjust it a little bit by bit to get it to fit. You want it to be a tiny bit small so that it isn't too loose and fall off.

Step 4: Slot Insertion

If you are using an exacto knife make sure you be careful when cutting this material. If you push too hard it cuts very fast and can hurt. You may want to trim the shutter side of the bottle all the way up so it doesn't block the button.

Step 5: Lens Clearance

Trim out a curve to fit it around your lens

Step 6: Shortening

Place the diffuser on the camera and trace across with the marker to trim down the excess length. Make sure you leave enough on the back to keep it from slipping off the camera.

Step 7: Viola!

Now you have your finished product!

Step 8: Practical Application

Ok I made this now what? I'm glad you asked! Now my main focus will be macro! These amazing little cameras can't flash a macro situation to save their lives. Simply place your new diffuser on the camera, point and shoot! Even using this in a daylight setting will help your picture taking if you use a forced flash it will help eliminate the shadows on your subject!

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