Pillow Lapdesk - IKEA Hack

Introduction: Pillow Lapdesk - IKEA Hack

Here's my IKEA hack for a handy Pillow Lapdesk.

One side provides a sturdy workspace surface while the other side can be used as a cozy pillow.

Perfect for KIDS, especially for TRAVEL!

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Step 1: IKEA Item: VINTER 2015

The Vinter product provides a sturdy surface for the desk side of the pillow. The size is large enough to fit a full sized pillow or reformat for a smaller sized pillow of your preference.

Step 2: Format Your Size & Shape

The Vinter material is soft enough to cut down for your size preference. You can consider other shapes as well to customize for your pillow of choice!

Step 3: IKEA Item: KRAKRIS

The Krakris pillow was inexpensive and perfect for a child's lap since I am customizing this for my nieces. It is also perfect for travel in a car, etc.

Step 4: Velcro Material As Adhesive

I cut the soft side larger than the rough side so if the desktop is removed from the pillow it will detach more gently, rather than risk removal of the soft velcro from the pillow.

Step 5: Velcro

Soft velcro side on the pillow allows for use of the pillow if the desktop is removed. You can see (pictured) I placed the velcro slanted along the four inner corners of the pillow.

Step 6: Velcro II

Lightly place the (smaller) rough side velcro on the soft velcro and remove adhesive. Then carefully place the desktop material with a "perfect" fit.

Step 7: Pillow Desktop

Once the desktop surface is placed be sure to push down for secure fit of adhesive on the [Vinter] material.

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