Pillowcase "3D"




Introduction: Pillowcase "3D"

This tutorial is based on my former sewing tip Sew It Yourself - Pillowcase.
I've been asked to do a new tutorial for more thick and cubical pillows and here it is!

Have fun and feel free to ask me if there is anything troubling you :)

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Step 1: Preparing

You need:
- some fabric - new or big enough leftover
- your sewing machine +thread
- zippe
- velcro


Picture 1 shows the original pillow. And because of it what it looks like it is asking for a new case :D
I meassured width, hight and length and added some seam allowance for sewing and zipper: (1+20+2,5+40+2,5+20+1) x (1+55+1) --> 87x57 cm ; 20x4xcm
*be sure to have the dimension of the velcon ribbon,too.

By creating a paper pattern first I could easily transfer the numbers onto the fabic. Cutting 1 big piece and 2 small pieces to cover the sides equals 1 pillowcase. (pic 3)

Step 2: Zipper Unseen

Adding the zipper way 1 according to the pillowcase tutorial

Adding the zipper way 2:
Sew both short ends of the main piece of fabric together - use a width stitch here and DO NOT block the seam line at beginning and end! You will cut it open again later.
Now that you have some kind of a fabric tunnel you pin your zipper to it - The opening section of it has to be placed right onto the inside of the seam just done (pic1)

Everything pinned good? Then check one more time for side and position and sew the zipper onto the fabric. :)

When it is well attached you can turn the piece around and use a tiny scissor or seam knife to open the middle seam of only the fabric again - you want to be able to open the zipper,don't you?

Step 3: Adding the Side Pieces

Pin the smaller pieces to the fabric loop sides and sew again.

Step 4: You Did It!

The cases are done. :)
let's stuff them Omnomnom!

Step 5: Finished and Stuffed 3D Pillowcase

You can add the ribbons to attach the pillow via velcron

I hope I have done a well enough tutorial and please ask ask ask if sth is unclear to you <3

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    5 years ago

    As always, very polished cute finished product and clear instructions that leave room for customization :)!