Pimp My Guitar (fine Woodworking)

Introduction: Pimp My Guitar (fine Woodworking)

About: graduate from a major in graphic design 5 years studyng classical painting techniques with Osvaldro Contreras 7 years studyn bass luthier with master Tacho Contreras playing bass guitar rock, jazz for fun ...

i painted a guitar with airbrush. the client never paid me and never return back for his guitar so i decided to make an experiment with a wood chisel. so i had already my design on the guitar and tryed with the flat but small chisel.

i discover that shadows on woodworking are the deep on wood, so i keep the lights up, in other words i didnt sculp them or carve. i used my fingers to feell the figures

Step 1:

a guitar doesnt have thick body and i found i should carve on the buttons area or the pick up because of the sound

so i change the tool and tryed a dremel with different carve points

Step 2:

i had a dremel extension so this helped not to fell the strong vibration from dremel tool

it fells confortable because of the small. i used ear protection and also a handkerchief because of the dust

Step 3:

when sculpting with dremel is like doing shadows with a pencil

u draw in lines, if u want shadows u stay more time there

try to use the big one dremel carve points for big areas and small one for eyes, tooths or flakes

Step 4:

this experiment took me i guess a month

im a selftaught so i was learning slow

after make one of the dragon of the original design i tryed to improvise and did a lot of desings on it

Step 5:

this was the finished work

after finish carving i sand it with a wood sand paper

then tryed a ink wood with a tow and applyed sealant and lacquer with a tow too

Step 6:

watch the videos

it will help to understand what i have wroten for u

im sorry english is not my language

gretings from Mexico

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    4 years ago

    Wow, this some impressive work! Nicely done, you are very talented! :)

    fabian guerrero
    fabian guerrero

    Reply 4 years ago

    thank u seamster

    hope my videos can really show u the idea of working on wood cause

    i lost a lot of pictures