"Pimp" Cane, Led

Introduction: "Pimp" Cane, Led

This Instructable will show how to pimp your pimp cane with bling! 

 I'm starting off with a pimp cane with a large fake diamond filled with glitter and water. I will be adding leds that contain 3 light colors and a "micro" micro chip that will cycle the 3 lights that will produce several colors for each led. The best part is that when turned on all of the leds will start on the same color but then they start cycling on there own creating a great effect!  

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Step 1: Things You Will Need

1 - Pimp cane - available from a costume store 
1 - Roll of speaker or phone wire  - from The Shack 
1 - Roll of electrical tape - from HD
1 - Roll of metal tape ( used for duct work ) - from HD
1 - Switch 
SPST Submini Slide Switch
5 - 5mm RGB 2 wire color changing leds
2- AAA batteries ( other sizes do not fit inside the cane ) 

Step 2: The Build 1

Starting the build.

         Lay out all supplies and figure out where you would like to locate the switch and cut the hole, I chose to install my switch close to the top for easy access and  it hides under the fabric ( see pic )

Drill a small hole for the wire that will connect to the leds ( see pic ) also run wire through the cane long enough to extend to the bottom of the cane from the leds. 

      1 wire will run from the battery's ( + ) or positive  side to one pin the one switch. Attach a wire to the second pin on the switch  and run through the hole to the positive or anode of the leds.  The last wire will connect to the leds negative or cathode and will run through the hole all the way to the negative ( - ) side of the batteries. 

Connect all 5 leds in parallel ( parallel means to run the positive wire to all leds on the same side, and negative wire to all the leds on the same side ) ( see pic ) 

Step 3: The Build 2

      It's now time to test and attach the leds around the base of the the diamond so they point at the diamond. Group the light so they have some even space between them and attach with small strip of electrical tape on the connections. Now use the metal tape to hold the leds in place.  Cover the metal tape with electrical tape but make it neat as this will be seen when the can is done. 

      Battery pack:

    Tape two AAA batteries end to end with a small single layer strip of electrical tape. Cover the electrical tape with metal tape so  it sticks to the batteries, this will hold them together. Connect the wires to the correct end of the batteries using electrical tape making sure to cover the terminals. ( be careful to not over do the electrical tape as the metal tape will do all the holding ) cover the electrical tape with metal tape.  ( see pic )

      Now is a good time to turn things on to test them If everything is working you can then slide the battery pack in the bottom of the cane and assemble the cane. 

Enjoy your "Pimped" out pimp cane!!!

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