Pimp My Old Stool (practice Piece)

Introduction: Pimp My Old Stool (practice Piece)

Our daughter has a pink chair and I want to pimp her chair but first I want to try it out on an old stool

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Step 1: The Old Stool (practice Piece)

First we have the last bit of white paint remaining in the paintspray sprayed on the old stool .

Step 2: The Cake Doilies Have Fun Patterns

the cake doilies have fun patterns so we grabbed a cake doily and placed it on the old stool ,We sprayed over the cake doily

Step 3: Layer by Layer, We Applied

layer by layer, we applied ,Now we know how it goes, we can pimp jennifer het chair .

Step 4: I Find It a Shame to Let the Test Piece As It Is

I find it a shame to let the test piece as it is ,so I made him white again ,I did the edges of the cake doilies back on the stool for the form.

Step 5: With a Paint Brush I Made the Corners Pink

with a paint brush I made the corners pink

Step 6: This Time I Have Done It With a Brush

This time I have done it with a brush first violet

Step 7: Then Silver

then silver

Step 8: Then White

then white

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    That's a great use for paper doilies. I had some laying around - I might try doing this on flower pots. :D