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Introduction: Pimp My Snowracer

My first instrucable, sorry for my poor english and for not taking pricures during the process.
Usually i get an idea and start working directly, no time for preparations..

My daughter aged 2,5 years old, was not satisfied with her snowracer, beeing blue and red (actually my snowracer from mid -90s), her brother has a cooler bob and i got an idea. 

I can fix it, and create the most spectacular snowracer in Sweden, or at least Tranas ( my hometown with 20,000 population ).

To the workshop..

Step 1: Matereals Used / Needed

First you need a snowracer or a bob or whatever the correct word is, mine was old but in good condition.

Fur of some sort, i prefer some long-haired fur beacause it is more forgiving if you don´t do it perfecltly.
Marker pen.
Glue gun.

And for the electric part i used a small plastic box, just big enough to fit a 9v battery an a switch -A leverswitch with rubber protection. 9v battery connector with 10cm leads.
2 led stripes, 12V with adhesive back ( any led lights will probably work, got theese as a product sample from a local industry).

Step 2: The Process:

The seat & steering wheel:
First i took the red fur, its been lying around in my basement for a long time, dont know where i got it from, but any fur with the right size will probably work, or a long haired carpet .

I put it over the seat  and markt the edges with a permanent marker, then you need a sharp carpetknife to cut it out.

I took my old friend : the gluegun, and glued around the edges of the seat, the long hairs covered my bad cutting.

Cut out a 5cm wide srtip of fur to cover the steering wheel, and use som leftover fur to cover where you think it´s neccesery.  Hot glue or contact glue is to recomend, superglue are not good with fabrics or leather.

I had a box alredy made for another project, you can probably find a good instrucable here if you need to know how to do it, I used a 9v battery, a 9v battery connector with leads and a simle on off switch vith a rubber hood. Pulled the leadwires though the cover of the box and used glue to make it watertight.

From a friend at an electronics company i got 2 ledstripes about 20cm long, an connected theese to my powerbox. The ledstripes are attached to the main frame of the snowracer and secured with ty wraps (or what they are called, -buntband in swedish ).

Put it all together and you have a beautiful snowracer..

Step 3: Ready to Go.

My doughter was completely blown away by "the deluxe red" , she loves going to our nearby slope and I am of course weary proud to get all the comments from whoever we meet..

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