Pinball Machines: Themed Comics for Breakfast

Introduction: Pinball Machines: Themed Comics for Breakfast

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I made a mini pinball machine themed comics for breakfast that you CAN PLAY. Its pretty much easy to build. The hardest part is making the figures in it. 

Colored Duct Tape
Acrylic Paint
Paper (for background)
Popsickle sticks
Small wooden stick
Elmer's Wood Glue
Elmer Washable Glue
Hot Glue
springs (like from a binder)
thumb tack

You first build the frame out of K'Nex.

Then, you build the board out of cardboard and put a background paper on it.

You cover the outside area of the cardboard in duct tape.

You make all the pieces out of clay.

The plunger uses a stick of wood with springs. A thumb tack is put at the end of it to hit the ball. and a clay handle is put at the beginning

The flippers anre a piece of clay connected to handles underneath the board.

You connect the board to the frame by wrapping rubberband and wire on the corners.

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