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My cosplay/ costume of DIsney Pixars Princess Merida of Dunbroch!

I just love her independent and tom-boy-ish character. Her story is lovely and the more often I see the landscape the more I want to go back visit scotland!!
Her personalilty fits me to good to be true and so it was decided! My new cosplay.

Step 1:

Reference pics of Merida from Disney Pixars BRAVE!
I decided to do her main dress from the movie. Petrol canvas it is! There is so much more happening and meaning in this dress. Let's see how I can do ...

Step 2: The Dress

1) I used some cheap textile to do a preversion of the dress. This way i was able to get the sewing and fitting right and transporing the pattern onto the right fabric with less waste! Using a green-bluish canvas I bought about 3-3.5m.

2) pinning the right pieces together and letting me dear sewing machine doing her job!

3) here you can see an abstract from the torso - my next steps will be to bring it into the right and fitting shape, closing the ends of the textile and continue with the sleeves!
I dyed my textiles and as you can see by the example of the sleeves, the color turned out to be really good!
I like >D
Here you can see how I am putting together the parts to be the medieval sleeves.
Still searching for the right textile to se as the undergarment ;_;
I found some nice textiles for the lining and decor. To do the rushing you need to sew straight close to one side of the textile, twice and with a longest setting you got. Be sure to only double sew at one side of the line. This way you are able to pull on the threat from the other sides way. The fabric will automatically start rushing! Try it with some leftovers first, if you are a bit insecure.

There is sill so much to do! And yet, I am looking forward to it :D

Step 3: The Color

You may have noticed, that my fabric isn't quiet the right color for Meridas dress. Although it is called 'petrol' it is to green :(
But as much as you guys are focusing on perfection when it comes to cosplay I tried to dye my dress.

How to dye a fabric:
For dying a fabric you need some textile color pouder which you can get in your fabric store or hobby shop.
You can only do this with cotton,canvas and fabric with a maximum share of 10% polyester!
Next to the color you need SALT (NOTE: read the instruction manual carefully!), a pot or something to dye your stuff in and something to slowly mix it!
Remember: the more water you add, the more salt you need to add and the less brither the fabric will be!
To dye your piece completely it will take around 20 minutes.
I highly recommend to test it first. this is the best way to get it done in a good way!
tipp: make notes of the messuring of the components (weight fabric, salt, water and time!!) This will help you to figure out just the right recipy!

Step 4: The Hair/Wig

After watching a few helpful tutorials on youtube on 'How to curl a wig' I tried it myself and curled my Merida wig even more- more nature,wild and chaotic. She is a tomboy after all and that is the look I am going for here XD
If you want to know my working steps-let me know so I can show you some nice tutorials!
..I love the wig!<3

Step 5: The Weapon

Bow&Arrow is Meridas weapon of choice! So I need to craft me..

- a few arrows with nice arrowheards and feathers
- a light weight bow - made out of PCV pipe and rubber banding.
the deco stuff is made the same way as the arrowheads. Just that i used styrofoam as a basement and covered it with Worblas.
TIPP: Great DIY tutorial
- a quiver ( cardboard pipe, leather, hotglue) - the picture shows you the pattern used on the quiver.
In case you wondered how I did my arrows for my Merida Cosplay, here is a short and easy tutorial for you to redo the same!
Some simple steps to follow and no worries at all :D
Material and tools needed: scissor, Worblas, a pen, a heat gun or hair dryer, some round timber ,feathers and paint.
let's go! ;)

Step 6: The Cosplay

Myself as Princess Merida of Dunbroch.

Photo taken by the lovely SL-Pictures!!

All rights by Disney and Pixar.

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    3 years ago

    How did you translate the small image into a pattern size image?

    1 reply
    Kion Designskairedfern

    Reply 3 years ago

    if you are not into constructing patterns like me then always do a pretest!! i used some cheap nessel fabric to transfer the pattern idea onto and sewed this `fake´ dress. altered it and then copied the pieces onto the correct fabric


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Omg this is great! My Brother's fiancee would love this!

    Kion Designs

    4 years ago on Introduction

    thank you so much guys for all this nice and kind feedback! I am happy to hear that you are interested in my instructable and you liked it.

    If you would like to see some special cosplay crafting tutorial, please let me know in the comments or stop by at my fb page :D :

    Where do you live? I'm very crafty as well I received my
    Fine arts degree from the u of o and like many people
    I have a job now that totally doesn't have anything to do
    With the degree they received, I sell wine now haha. So
    I always am creating some new costume to get my creative
    Juices flowing. I loved what you did in your instructable.
    I wish I had more cool girls around me like you

    Hey. It is always a cool thing to get inspired, because of sitting,talking and brainstorming with other creative people. That what I enjoy so least^^
    I live in yeah.
    just go for with your plans!try to do the best you can with all the costumes you'd like to do


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Hiya Vespaking, we are practically neighbors. I am just a half an hour away in Camas. Love the tutorial also.

    Portland? I know someone there actually from my semester abroad in sweden^^
    How long? All my life. I am from germany. :)

    Portland is amazing, the beach are 1 hour to the west
    The mountains to sky are an hour to the east . We have
    Desert type land a few hours away and a beautiful gorge
    An hour away you should look up pictures of the gorge
    It's beautiful