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This is an instructable to make a Pincushion Bracelet that you can wear while you sew something and need fast access to pins and needles.

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Step 1: What You Need

Here is what you need:

- fabric (about 15x40 cm/ 6x15 inch)

- needle

- yarn

- cotton wool balls or pads

Step 2: Sew a Tube

Choose and cut a fabric (about 15x40 cm/ 6x15 inch)

Fold it in half that you see the inside and sew a loop (sew the two long open lines together)

Step 3: Fill It

Turn the loop inside out that you see the outside. When you don´t have cotton wool use cotton wool padds and rip them to pieces. Fill the loop like on picture 2 (about 10cm / 4inch). Make sure to not fill it up all the way up, otherwise it is impossible to sew it together.

Step 4: Loop It Again

Choose on side that should be the inside of your bracelet. Turn this side on the outside and sew the two loop endings together that it fits around your wrist (picture 1). Turn the cotton filled loop around again (picture 2).

Step 5: Sew It Again

Turn it around again and fold the not filled part of the tube in half and sew the two lines together. It should look like picture 1. Now turn the loop around again (picture 2).

Step 6: There You Go

There you go - a Pincushion Bracelet!

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