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Introduction: Pine Fall Leaf Bracelet

About: Make it yourself if you cannot buy one!

This instructables show how to use Pine Fall Leaf upcycling to a subtle bracelet.

Step 1: Norfolk Island Pine Fall Leaves

In my living place there are few Norfolk Island Pine around and now it is their fall season. The fall leaves are very beautiful and very like a leather bracelet.

Let's make an pine fall leaf bracelet!

Step 2: Preparation

Norfolk Island Pine Fall Leaves

Pick some neat leaves on the ground.

Tiny Magnet

Any tiny magnet is ok, I have some 2 x 3mm in hand

Tiny Pins

Any tiny pins, I have keep some taken from new shirt package.


Wire Plier, Instant glue

Step 3: Trim the Pine Leaf

Measure your wrist size and cut the pine leaf head.

Step 4: Stick Pin & Magnet Together

  • Put 2 tiny magnet together to ensure opposite poles (attractive) face to face.
  • Use instant glue stick the pins to the magnets on each side.

Be aware don't stick 2 magnets together.

Step 5: Pin the Pine Leaf

  1. Pin the pine leaf head and tail
  2. Put the pins inside carefully

Step 6: Happy Mix & Match!

It's time to show off what you have done to your friends!

P.S. I am not keen on plant preservation, anyone know how to do it please leave a comment below, thanks ;>



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    6 Discussions

    That's nice and pretty clever.

    Quite a bit different from your usual content, but creative & neat nonetheles! Glad I subbed :)

    2 replies

    actually 2 of of my top 3 views instructables are not electronics related

    Thx, I love to DIY no matter it is electronics ;>

    That is officially the coolest bracelet clasp I've ever seen. Super clever!

    1 reply

    Thx, because I have lots of pins and magnets in hand and I don't want waste it.