Pineapple Ferrero Gift for Mums Day

Introduction: Pineapple Ferrero Gift for Mums Day

Mother's Day is around the corner. Did you figured what to give to her?I had not. Why?
Simple reason! FEARS what if she don't like it ?
What if the clothes didn't fit her?
Or the shoes is not her size?

But you know what will work no matter what?

Any type will work :)

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Step 1: Ferrero Rocher Pineapple

You will need
1. A juice bottle ( in my case non alcoholic drink)
2. Uhu
3. Ferrero 32 - 48 pieces ( this depends on your drink size)
4. Yellow and green crape paper
5. White thread

Cut the yellow crepe paper into 7x7 cm squares.
Glue the Ferrero on top of crape squares.
Glue the corners as well.
Now glue the pieces to the bottle.
Cut leaves ( long strips) of green and glue on top of bottle and secure with help of white thread.

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