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About: I am a graduated furniture maker from the Netherlands.

I love to make small and easy gifts to people on their birthdays or something like that. This I made for a little girl that loves pineapples.

So I decided to make an instructable of this.

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Step 1: Find Some Wood

First you have to find yourself some wood. I used pine because this is a soft, light and cheap (and ofcourse now i can make the joke that this is a pineapple. Make sure that the sides of the beam are equal in width, this will make it easier for you to ‘round’ the pineapples.

Step 2: Drill the Hole

Once you found yourself a suitable piece of wood, you need to drill the hole to make sure that you drill in the middle you need to connect the 4 corners together by lines and then where the lines connect you have the exact midpoint.

Then I used a hole saw to cut the outer layers. Then because pine is a soft wood and doesn’t break easy I used Spade bits. This doesn’t give a beautiful finish but it does the job and you won’t see the hole later.

Step 3: Sand the Edges

After you drilled the holes you can start sanding some edges

on the piece of wood, and with some I mean many! I used a stationary belt sander for this but if you don’t have a big machine like this can can always use the smaller handheld belt sander. This is one of the reasons why I choose pine. If you did this with a hard wood your belt wouldn’t last long!

Start grinding the edges on the top then you can adjust the length
of the pineapple when you find out that your pineapple looks strange. If this isn’t the case just continue grinding some more edges on the piece of fruit :D

Step 4: Paint It

Once you are done sanding (shaping) you can choose your color.I used a water based yellow paint. If you don't want to see the wood grain then first give it a primer. But I like the wood grain.

(I would recommend to stick with the pineapple colors, but if you want to make it blue, go ahead :P

If you want to use a plant that needs to be in moist soil, you need to tread the hole with a layer of raisin or something else that will make it water resistant

Step 5: Find Yourself Some Plants

I used an pineapple plant (the big one) and a random plant I found (sorry I have no name)

I hope you liked this instructable. If you have any questions or tips please let me know.

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    1 year ago

    Great design, great colours, great instructable. Congratulations!


    1 year ago

    Super simple little project, but looks really cool! Who doesn't love pineapples?!

    1 reply

    well to be honest.... i only like pina colada, everything else with pineapple i do not like hahaha


    1 year ago

    I like it, also a very nice and clear instructable!

    3 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    ah this is so nice to hear because i was afraid that my instructables were not clear enough because englidh isnt my mother toungh


    Reply 1 year ago

    It's not my mother tongue either, in fact we come from the same country ;), but to me it's a very clear instructable, not just the written part but also the pictures and you keep it simple and not to wordy (which is something I tend to do when writing an Instructable)