Pineapple Suite Hat


Introduction: Pineapple Suite Hat

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An excellent sun protection. Easy to make, and very comfortable.



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    This project really looks so lovely. I made mine using light and dark yellow shade (darker for the popcorn stitches). Here's the link of my project:

    I didn't follow the materials suggested which obviously, I think, made the finished project saggy and bouncy. Then I read your suggestion on how to stiffen it. I will definitely try that! Thanks!

    By the way, can I use wheat flour instead of cornstarch? How many spoons of flour did you use?

    Looks gorgeous! What pattern did you use? And do you need to starch it to keep the shape?

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    Thank you very much. The pattern is from and it's called Pineapple Suite Hat. I had to starch it really, really hard to keep the shape firm but I advise you to make the brim smaller. For stiffening I cooked flour and some sugar with water.

    Neat, thanks! And while it may seem obvious, I've never thought about making my own starch for such things. That would be a great Instructable on its own... ;)