Pineapple Luminaria





Introduction: Pineapple Luminaria

Recycling pinapple waste into a useful luminaria for traditional festivities was a surprisingly simple and sweet smelling alternative to the usual paper bag candle luminaria I was inspired to create this new year. By combining a few simple tools from the kitchen with the idea of a secondary use of the normaly wasted parts we are able to get just little more creativity into our routines.

Step 1: Using a Pineapple Corer Remove the Edible Part

A pineapple corer helps remove all the edible parts but it can also be done with a sharp knife. Remove the top and bottom before coring and the parts for the luminarias is ready to utilize.

Step 2: Use the Top of the Pineapple Waste for the Candle Holder

Use a sharp knife to bore a small hole in the top of the pinapple waste and insert a stub of a candle into it, light it and slip the pinapple coreless waste over it.Voila, you have a new and usefull little luminaria that smells like the tropics as it burns. Enjoy and let me know if you made some too!



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    Witty! That is a clever way to use leftovers! Good luck in the contest!!

    1 reply

    Hey thanks for the good vibes! I am really pleased to have made a small contribution and hope everyone is having a good time here, its probably one of the most useful sites ever.

    Thank you, it was really pretty from a distance and the textures are visible too compared to paper bags and no fires.