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Well, you probably saw my last slideshow of my old minigun/machine gun. Well, I modified it... Actually, I just ripped the old minigun/machine gun apart and built a completely new one.
This one is based off a picture I found on the internet. The cool thing about this minigun, unlike my other minigun, is that the barrel spins.

I_Am_Canadian told me that not very many people have this green motor. I am sorry, for at the time, it is the only knex motor I have.
It should be easy to mod off this gun for a different motor, as long as the motor is connected to a control pannel, not all in one.

Anyway, this gun also took me a lot of time to make, so please do not critisize it too much. I had to start over and over again in some places until it worked.

Please tell me on this slideshow if you want me to post instructions for it.
*Right now, this gun is not finished because I needed two motors and right now I only have one. My second motor is coming in the mail and will arrive at my house soon.*

Here is an estimated piece list:

White ~ 50
Blue 3/D ~ 45
Yellow ~ 15
Purple 3/D ~ 50
Green ~ 10
Red ~ 40
Grey one-slot ~ 20
Orange ~ 60
Y-connectors ~ 5


Green ~ 70 - 90
White ~ 70 - 90
Blue ~ 5
Yellow ~ 25
Red ~ 25
Grey ~ 25


Red Gears: 2
Motors: 2
Chain Links: X<41

Estimated 539+ pieces.




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    7 years ago on Introduction


    -Heavy from team fortress 2

    well here something you should to know this guns are not real and this is a accessory stage for movies it cant be real couz it have shock wave you understand real humen cane not carry this


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Actually these guns are quite real. They are used by the Army, Airforce, Secret Service Presidential detail specifically the trunk monkey position in the armored suburban. They are mounted on helicopters, Hummers, and any other vehicle they have a need for it. This gun weighs a lot. The GE Vulcan counter part weighs even more. The recoil is not that big of a deal as it shoots 7.62x51mm Nato or .308 just like the BAR, FAL, M14, Remington 700 (deer hunting rifle). The extreme cost, weight, and lack of practicality is the reason they don't carry these. It's most definitely not because these guns are not real. Dillon makes this model and GE makes the Vulcan. There are 11 of these still available on the civilian market which can be purchased legally with the proper tax stamp.

    its humanly impossible is what some people are saying, and recoil would tear you away, plus all the ammo this thing shreads through would make you carry a massive pack of bullets on your back and that would make it way too heavy to walk.

    because as massive as they are they are extremely heavy there fore the soldiers wouldnt run as fast there fore posing as a better target

    Mad Cat

    10 years ago on Introduction

    I have that motorr. When I was 10 I begged my parents to get me the set that had that (Cyber K'nex), and in like 3 days, the chip reader broke, so everything except for the motors was useless.

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