Pinecone Bird Feeders




Collect pine cones from outside and roll them in peanut butter. Once they are completely rolled, place them in bird seed and roll them around. Now you have pine cones covered in bird seed, the perfect treat for backyard birds. Tie a string to the cones and hang them up where ever you please. All the neighborhood birds will flock to your yard once these cones are hung up around your house.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Sometimes I have found it hard to get the peanut butter really in there on the cone - plus, PB is my main staple food & getting more expensive lately, so I don't share it - especially with birds - easily. A similar method is to use melted fat - bacon fat, drippings from a roast ham, etc. (I guess vegetarians could try margarine or a vegetable based fat that will semi-harden when cool - oil wouldn't do it, in my opinion). This works well too - but, as with the PB - make sure other animals can't get at it too. Cats & dogs, & definitely squirrels & raccoons are attracted to this recipe, so your "bird" feeding mission will be a bust. I don't know that it would hurt your pets, unless they choked on the pine cones - but I'm not sure all the seeds would be good for them (likely give them the runs, at least.) But it's a great winter food for birds in cold climates, especially!

    It definitely is natural, that is for sure. The birds love it too! You can vote on this project on the third or fourth page of the Hurricane Lasers Contest. Thanks!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! And its very easy to make, too!
    If you want, you can vote on this project in the Hurricane Lasers Contest. It is on the third or fourth page (somewhere around there)
    Thanks again!