Ping Pong Ball Goldfish




Introduction: Ping Pong Ball Goldfish

This is a great, inexpensive and easy craft perfect for many occasions such as:

Fish themed birthday parties

Chinese New Year craft (Goldfish are a sign of wealth and abundance in the Chinese culture and represents prosperity)

pet store activities, animal themed activities

Aquarium projects

Even little kids with little or no dexterity can do these!

All it takes is a ping pong ball (or left over beer pongs) or even balled up wads of tissue paper or napkins, orange tissue paper or cut up piece of orange plastic disposable tablecloth from the party store, self stick google eyes (or just a marker).

You will need:

a ping pong ball (you can also use a vending machine bouncy ball or balled up wads of tissue paper or napkins)

a piece of orange tissue paper (a better bet is to cut up a piece of orange disposable tablecloth from the party store)

2 moving googly eyes (optional)

a twist tie or piece of string or even just tape


Step 1: Take Your Ball and Wrap It

Cut a piece of orange tissue paper (best to double it up) or orange tablecloth about 6 in x 6 in. I have included a template but you probably wont need it.

Take your ping pong ball and put it in the middle and hold it in your palm

Step 2: Tie the End

Gather the excess paper and bunch it up.

Use a twist tie or string or even just plain tape to secure it

Step 3: Add Eyes to Your Goldfish

If you are using the peel and stick googly-eyes, just peel them off and place them on opposite ends as shown. You can also draw eyes with markers.

Step 4: Draw a Mouth and Decorate

Draw a mouth using markers then decorate your goldfish by gluing additional pieces on or just draw some scales and fins.

Step 5: Done!

You are done.

Now you can play with it or put it in a goldfish bowl with some rocks and blue cellophane paper or display it proudly your way!


You can make a whole fish tank full of these goldfish

You can attach a bunch of them to a coathanger and make a mobile

You can use experiment with different color paper and different shape balls such a mini footballs to make different types of fish

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    5 years ago

    What a great idea, looks awesome!